Pastoral care doesn’t end with the school day.

Our nurturing and qualified care staff create an environment where children, whether experienced or new to boarding, enjoy being part of an extended family. Learning to live and share with others, becoming more self-reliant or just relaxing and playing with friends after a busy day enriches the lives of even our youngest boarders.

Parents will want to know that:

  • We have two boarding houses: The Main House for our Junior pupils, and the Coach House for our Seniors;
  • We offer weekly and flexi-boarding;
  • Our Head of Care liaises closely with parents, providing peace of mind that the children are healthy, happy and thriving;
  • Bedrooms are clean, cosy and cheerfully decorated;
  • Care staff team members are fully trained in first aid;
  • We are registered with the local doctor and health practice;
  • The Care staff team supports pupil learning and achievement in areas such as organisation, independence and responsibility.

Students will want to know that:

  • Boarding at CA East Anglia is like home away from home;
  • You can keep a small pet in our pet shed;
  • You can bring your bike;
  • There’s always someone here for you;
  • We have lots of fun activities like film and tuck night and go-karts;
  • You have your own space, and your privacy is always respected;
  • Sitting rooms are comfortable and perfect for relaxing.