Through our physical education programme at CA East Anglia our aim is to develop physical skills and positive attitudes to health and fitness as well as co-operation and teamwork.

Lessons cover a range of sports and games depending on the season. Pupils also have the opportunity to compete against local mainstream schools in sports such as football, cricket, netball, hockey and cross-country running. Swimming lessons are held at the local pool.

We offer a wide range of activities such as Karate, Horse Riding, Sailing and Shooting as well as Gardening, Cooking, Airfix, Choir, Band, Computers, Sports, Craft and Walking clubs.

The CA East Anglia ‘Fire-Crew’ offers a truly unique experience. Led and supervised by the local fire department, our students have the opportunity to learn fire safety while actually  working with fire engines and honing their teamwork and related skills.

We also offer an additional activity each term. Of these, the most popular is almost always our go-kart activity, which enables our would-be Formula One racers to learn the rudiments of this skill via the school’s fleet of go-karts and, of course, under the supervision of our care staff.

Music is always particularly popular pastime at CA East Anglia. The school choir embraces virtually all our students, who enjoy the opportunity to perform at a variety of school and other functions. We also have a band and a variety of informal groups who enjoy playing in our music chalet.

The many talents of our students are on show at our annual musical. This production brings together our actors, singers, lighting and sound technicians, make up artists and others all working as one to deliver a performance that is always memorable.