East Anglia: Values and Ethics

The CA East Anglia community of pupils, staff and parents share a commitment to values that include respect for self and others, co-operation, individual responsibility and integrity. We are proactive rather than reactive in our approach, and care for ourselves and each other through:

  • The creation and maintenance of strong relationships among the school staff, between staff and pupils, among pupils and their peers and between parents and the school;
  • Set tutors who provide pupils with academic and personal support;
  • Speech and language, occupational therapy and independent counselling provided on site;
  • A PSHE programme that is integral to the life of the school and where values are not just taught but modelled by all staff;
  • Recognising, rewarding and celebrating individual achievement in classes, assemblies and public events;
  • Pupils being consulted about matters which affect them and having opportunities for leadership and shared ownership as Prefects, Student Council Representatives and Peer Mentors;
  • Participation in activities that develop empathy and regard for self, others and the wider community;
  • Pupils following  a clearly defined and fairly administered code of conduct;
  • Repudiating bullying in any form;
  • Ensuring safety through carefully maintained buildings  and grounds;
  • Having fun! At special days, end of term parties or just being together, we enjoy each other’s company. The friendships formed here are lasting ones.

Mission Statement

Centre Academy East Anglia is an independent, co-educational, day and boarding school committed to providing excellence in education for students with specific learning difficulties. We offer a supportive and nurturing programme for all our students, ages 8 to 19, so that each may achieve his or her full academic potential.

We instil within our students an appreciation of those values we believe essential for an effective education: honesty, integrity, trust, fairness, respect, compassion and civility. Within the school’s Christian ethos, we welcome students of any religious persuasion, any socio-economic background, any race.

We promote international understanding within our diverse student population by emphasising community as well as individual responsibility.

Finally, we are committed to the belief that excellence in education can best be achieved when a partnership exists between school, student and family.