Centre Academy Students

High School Diploma

We offer the Diploma, the gateway to university study, in place of A-Levels. Recognised by all  British universities, the Diploma, unlike A-Levels, is not examination-based. Rather, it uses a system of continual assessment wherein a student earns credit for writing essays, conducting research, completing an Art project and dozens of other subject-based tasks. In essence, the Diploma removes much of the stress and anxiety that students feel when sitting examinations.

Students completing their GCSEs may be admitted to the Diploma programme for years 12 and 13. The Diploma focuses on English, Mathematics, History and other Social Sciences, Science and Foreign Language (although the Foreign Language requirement may be waived for some students). Diploma students generally study each of these subjects and also may select from a coterie of others, including Environmental Science, Psychology, ICT, Art and PE.

CA London is particularly proud that we have never had a Diploma graduate who has not gone directly to university.