London Curriculum

Key to success at the school is our ability to work closely with all students so that we may understand their learning patterns and needs. This informs the planning of a pathway for each student as they move through the school; it will enable us to plan and achieve successful outcomes for the student at whichever level is appropriate for them.

Our programmes are also relatively diverse and varied for a small school such as ours. For all KS3 students, for example, Occupational and Speech Therapy are embedded in our approach to the curriculum and, depending on the changing needs and requirements of our intake, our provision is adjusted accordingly to ensure that the needs of the whole child are addressed.

The National Curriculum

Academics at CA London are broad and varied. Fundamentally, we follow the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 through Foundation Learning at Key Stage 4/5 and GCSE. As you would imagine, our emphasis is very much on literacy and numeracy, the cornerstones of and gateway to essential knowledge. In addition to English and Mathematics, we also offer National Curriculum subjects in History, Geography, Science, Foreign Languages, Art, ICT, RS, Media Studies, Drama and PE.

And to help ensure that all our students gain the maximum from their National Curriculum endeavours, we also offer courses in Study Skills. Not only do these help students learn techniques ranging from note-taking to careful reading, they also are adapted to enable our students to learn the coping skills they will need to meet their learning challenges.