Show My Homework (London)

CA London believes homework to be an integral part of the educational process. It augments and reinforces what has been presented in class. It also assists students in developing self-discipline, in organising their work independently and in cultivating the ‘homework habit’—essential as they move into increasingly more advanced levels of education.

That said, homework is often problematic not only for students but also for their families. Accordingly, we overcome the traditional problems of a student being given too little or too much homework on a particular night through our Homework Timetable. This spreads the assignments out over the course of a week and ensures a relatively level amount of homework on each night. Other difficulties, however, can be more intractable: ensuring that the student receives appropriate help in doing homework, for instance, and the burden that homework may put on the family, for frequently it is the parent who becomes the major ‘helper’.