Graduation From Centre Academy

GCSE Preparation

 The Prep Period

Our Prep (or Preparatory) Period ensures that homework will be a positive experience by placing the responsibility for assisting a student with homework where it belongs: on the school. Accordingly, following the day’s classes, we hold our Prep Period, during which the entire school breaks up into six study groups.

Each group is monitored by one or more teachers, and any student who requires help will receive it either from the teacher in charge or from the subject teacher who originally made the assignment. Every teacher at CA London is available to answer questions, to provide individualised assistance or to hold one-on-one study sessions during the Prep Period.

The Prep Period takes place from 2:45 to 3:45 Mondays through Thursdays. Our younger students are usually able to finish their homework during this period. Upper School students working at GCSE or Diploma level will not be able to finish their assignments in an hour but they will get a very good start on the evening’s work.