Individual Counselling

CA London’s Counsellor is a key member of staff whose major task is to assist students who may be experiencing some social, emotional and/or academic difficulties—and to help them build confidence and self-esteem. Our Counsellor also helps students identify and understand their problems and offers a programme that may feature both short and long-term objectives. Parents may also use the counselling service.

The Mentor

All our students are assigned a Mentor, that is, a teacher who is responsible on a daily basis for the student’s overall work and progress, both academically and socially. Students meet with their Mentors three times each day. As you will understand there is a strong emphasis in all Mentoring groups to promote an ethos of care.

The initial meeting is for 30 minutes at the beginning of the day before the first class convenes. During this time, the Mentor does a homework check with each student in the Mentoring group, ensuring that the homework has been done and to a suitable standard; assists all students in the group to organise their book bags so that they all have the appropriate materials for their morning classes; and concludes with a discussion of a current issue or problem.

The Mentor also meets briefly with the students immediately before lunch and again after the last class to help each student organise homework and ensure that students have the appropriate books and materials for their homework assignments. As you may imagine, the bond between student and Mentor is frequently very strong.