Measuring Success

A leading educator states that we are “the most successful special needs schools in the UK and, indeed, the most unique.” Here’s why:

Too often, SEN students leave school at age 16 without qualifications, without a destination, without a plan.

Not our students. They leave with qualifications, whether Certificate Programme, GCSEs, ASDAN or the High School Diploma. They know where they are going, whether to college, apprenticeship or university. In a word, they have Outcomes.

They do so because we reject entirely the too-frequent assumption that ‘special needs’ is a designation for children of limited ability. Einstein, Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Richard Branson, Faye Weldon, JK Rowling and thousands of other people who have made major contributions to society have all faced learning challenges.

‘Special Needs’ is simply a term that means that some children learn differently from others. It is our job to understand how a child best learns and then to create programmes and approaches that will enable that child to achieve his/her full potential.

At Centre Academy, they do. And along the way, our students also learn that there is great merit in never settling for less that they can achieve.