Measuring Success

Too often, SEN students leave school without qualifications, without a destination, without a plan.

Not our students. They leave with qualifications. These include GCSEs,  the Unit Award Scheme, the Certificate Programme and the American High School Diploma, the gateway to university.

In essence, our students have an outcome, a direction, a destination. They know where they are going—and why. This may encompass college, apprenticeship or university.

Their success reflects what they have achieved. Their outcomes reflect our rejection of the assumption that ‘special needs’ is a designation for children of limited ability.

The blindness of this assumption is undermined when we understand that Einstein, Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Richard Branson, Faye Weldon, JK Rowling and thousands of other people who have made major contributions to society have all faced learning challenges.

The success that our students experience reflects something that they have learned: there is great merit in never settling for less that they can achieve.

And when all of these discoveries take place, our students are ready to reclaim their futures.