London Activities

CA London offers a wide range of activities that complement and reinforce much of the work done in the classroom. Students may hone their computer, writing, editing and photographic skills by working on the Yearbook. Our annual Science Fair gives all students the chance to participate and to present their experiments to a panel of judges. Art students have a similar opportunity during the annual Art Show. Parents are invited to the Science and Art events to see first- hand what their sons and daughters have produced. And the entire school and parent communities enjoy Sports Day and Prize Day.

Sports and Physical Education

We believe that sport should be an integral part of a school’s curriculum. It teaches individual skills and teamwork, and it also enables students to work on hand-eye co-ordination and other skills. Key goals include improving overall physical fitness, motor skill development and game play.

CA London students participate in a variety of sports: football, basketball, floor hockey, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, table tennis and self-defence regimes. Many of these activities can be modified to enable virtually all our students to participate.

Our students also participate in a variety of athletic events and sports tournaments, and these are supported by the student body and by the parent community. CA London’s annual Sports Day is certainly one of the highlights of the school year, and this event is distinguished not only by the efforts of our students but also by the participation of their parents.

Clubs and Travel

We offer a range of clubs and activities that are designed to enable students to pursue a variety of interests and to hone specific skills and talents: Art, Drama, Media, ICT, Games and Gardening.

Our students also have the opportunity to pursue interests farther afield. Throughout the school year, we use our proximity to London to visit many key attractions, including the Science Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Cabinet War Rooms, the National Gallery of Art, the Globe Theatre and many others. In addition, our younger students journey each year to an adventure camp for three or four days and nights. And our older students enjoy the cultural and other opportunities through extended trips to European and other destinations.

Community Service

CA London is not only a community in and of itself; it is also part of the greater London community. Much of the spirit of the school—its ethos—asks students to be particularly sensitive and compassionate towards other people. In this regard, all our students participate in various community service projects. These frequently involve fund-raising on behalf of a local charity, sponsoring charitable initiatives and donating gifts to needy children at holiday times.