The Centre Academy Teacher

He or she is a dedicated professional who has chosen to work with students who face learning challenges. This fundamental decision informs all the teacher’s activities and governs all the teacher does.

Special needs teaching requires certain capabilities and gifts beyond the mainstream: advanced qualifications, a wealth of experience and command of small group, subject-specific instructional techniques. Our teacher uses multi-sensory methods, giving attention to visual, auditory, tactile and kinaesthetic elements. Our teacher knows the learning challenges each individual child faces, both academic and socially-based. And our teacher understands fully the issues of confidence and self-image for all children—and the need to approach each child with patience and understanding.

Our teacher knows that small classes are not a luxury; they are an essential if learning is to flourish. Our teacher understands that knowing the student is a necessity, for what may work for one child will not work for another. Indeed, our teacher knows that one size does not fit all!

The Centre Academy teacher is also a team player. This is reflected in the relationship between teachers and therapists at the school. We offer Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Counselling, and our students’ success with these programmes stems from the close relationship between teacher and therapist.

Seeing each child as an individual with unique needs, abilities, gifts and talents, our teacher is highly supportive, nurturing and, above all, understanding. In essence, our teacher respects and draws out all that is best in a child.

Our teacher is the key to the success of our students.