The Application Procedure

As you will understand, the nature of our schools requires an especially careful application process. In essence, we make every effort to ensure that a student who is offered a place will, indeed, succeed. The admissions procedure involves the following steps:

  • A telephone conversation with either the head of Admissions at CA London or the head of CA East Anglia. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs and situation.
  • You will be asked to forward to the school, either London or East Anglia, information about your child, usually including a relatively recent report by an educational psychologist, a few reports from the child’s current school and any other information you believe will contribute to our understanding of your son or daughter. If your child has a Statement of Educational needs, please be sure to furnish the school with a copy of the Statement.
  • The information you have provided will be reviewed with great care so that we may determine if it is likely that London or East Anglia can meet your child’s needs. If this appears to be the case, the Principal or Head of School will write to you and suggest a meeting; your child should accompany you to the meeting.
  • Assuming that the meeting is successful for both you and the School, your child will be offered a short trial period, usually about two-three days. This enables us to make sure that our programmes and approaches are suitable for your child, and it also gives us insight into the child’s ability to interact successfully with the children already enrolled at CA London or CA East Anglia.
  • We will make a decision on the application as soon as the trial period finishes. It is important to note that we use a rolling admissions policy, that is, we do not have regularly scheduled intakes but rather accept children at any time of the academic year.

For further information, please contact;

020 7738 2344 (London) –
01449 736404 (East Anglia) –