Welcome from the Proprietor

Thank you for your interest in Centre Academy Schools.

The Centre Academy Schools are schools for children with special needs and we are committed to helping all students reach their full potential. This means providing a safe and caring environment. It means creating learning situations that are manageable.  Small classes and a significant amount of individualised instruction help our students develop their own learning strategies.

Centre Academy Schools currently consist of two SEN schools.  Each school retains their own identity and ethos, we are collectively passionate in our belief that all young people deserve to have access to an outstanding education, and which crucially enables them to thrive in the local, national, and global communities in which they live.  Pupils profit from an excellent education, but they also learn the coping skills by which they will be able to manage the anxieties and other challenges that their learning difficulties constantly pose.  They learn that while we cannot cure learning challenges, we can teach them how to live most successfully with these challenges.

The Centre Academy environment is thus one that is fully supportive, caring, and intimate.  It provides the structure and the discipline essential for learning to flourish, while also offering the kind of flexibility that our students require.  As our children begin to see that their needs are being understood and met, that the coping skills they are mastering enable them to concentrate and to organise their time, school takes on a new meaning.

It becomes a place that is welcoming, a place where a sense of security and safety prevail, a place that will help them form friendships.

Centre Academy Schools have been founded on strong collaborative and trusting relationships, where everybody is committed to sharing their successes, but equally open to new ideas and alternative perspectives. We believe that our most important resource is our community, and if you apply and are successful in your application, we promise to develop and support you in your career, as well as providing a caring, friendly environment in which to work.

If you wish to visit our schools, or would like an informal discussion, please contact the relevant Head of School.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Rohan Murphy