The Centre Academy Student

We are boys and girls ranging in ages from 4 to 19. Centre Academy’s ability to address the needs of junior and senior students eliminates the anxiety that many special needs children experience when they have to move from one school to another.

Because all our students have learning challenges, no one is different. This removes a large psychological weight from young shoulders. Too often in the past, these children were made to feel different—and they were treated as such.

All students profit from our ability to address a broad range of learning challenges on a case-by-case basis, including Dyslexia, AD/HD, ASD, Speech and Language Needs, to name a few. Such breadth and versatility is essential, for most special needs students face more than one learning challenge.

Centre Academy students thrive on the personal attention they get in our small classes. To maintain them, we cap our enrolment at 50 students at each of our schools.

Our students represent all kinds of abilities and talents. Thus, we offer programmes that reflect academic, vocational and other intelligences, to include GCSEs, Foundation Learning, ASDAN and work placement opportunities.

The student wishing to go on to university is truly in a unique place. We are the only two schools in the UK to join the National Curriculum with the American High School Diploma. Accepted by all British universities, the Diploma employs a system of continual assessment, which, unlike the A-level, reduces pressure and anxiety.