The Centre Academy Student

Because SEN students face learning challenges, it is not uncommon for many of them to have previously been made to feel different. This is particularly the case in most mainstream settings.

They may have been ostracised. They may have been bullied. And too frequently, the result has been a loss of confidence, a belief that something is wrong with them. A sense that they are alone.

Because all our students have learning challenges, no one is different. This removes a huge psychological weight from young shoulders, and it serves to develop camaraderie within our student population.

In essence, none of our children is alone. No one feels alone. No one feels different.

Our children learn that having learning challenges does not mean that they lack intelligence. It simply means that they learn differently.

It is up to us to understand how the individual student learns and with that knowledge to provide approaches that will enable that student to achieve to his/her full potential.

Centre Academy students thrive on the personal attention they receive in our small classes. They profit from the expertise of our SEN-experienced teachers. And they achieve because their individual needs and learning styles are fully accommodated.

In time, they discover their abilities and talents. They do so because we offer programmes that reflect and develop academic, vocational, artistic and other intelligences.

Our children grow in many important ways: in confidence, in self-esteem, in self-discipline, in independence.

And along the way, we educate character as well as intellect. Our children learn those values that are fundamental to their inner strength and well-being: trust, fairness, respect, civility, compassion.