East Anglia Activities


Activities at CAEA really do offer something for everyone. In part, our aim is to develop physical skills and positive attitudes to health and fitness while also providing opportunities to appreciate and develop co-operation and teamwork abilities. But aside from this, our activities are quite simply fun!

Participation is a major goal. Our students benefit from instruction in a variety of sports and games, and they also may compete against local mainstream schools in cross-country running and related activities.  Swimming is also part of our offerings, as is equestrian skills wherein we offer horseback riding at a local stable.

We offer a wide-range of activities such as Gardening, Cooking, Air fix, Choir, Band, Computers, Crafts and Walking Club. CAEA is especially proud of our involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and in our Forest School designation.

The CAEA Fire Crew offers a truly unique experience. The school owns no fewer than eight full-size fire engines (via an initial endowment). Led and supervised by the local fire department, our students have the opportunity each week to learn fire safety while actually working with the fire engines and honing their teamwork and related skills.

Music is always a particularly popular pastime at CAEA. The school choir embraces virtually all our students, our band performs regularly at a variety of functions and many other groups simply enjoy getting together and playing in our music chalet.

The many talents of our students are on show at our annual musical. Productions such as Oliver! and Mary Poppins bring together our actors, singers, dancers, lighting and sound technicians. Our students also function as make-up artists, set designers and even publicists. In essence, the entire school comes together as one to deliver a performance that is always memorable.

Next Steps

We hope that we have provided a picture of CAEA and, indeed, that we have been able to answer at least some of the questions you may have had. But should there be additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of School or the Principal, either of whom will be happy to provide any additional information you may need.