Centre Academy East Anglia

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to introduce you to CA East Anglia. After reading the following pages, I hope you will see that CAEA is a school that offers an exceptional educational opportunity for students facing a wide range of learning challenges. We do so in a setting that is quiet, beautiful and wonderfully safe, a setting that provides our students with a sense of security and, ultimately, of belonging.

Our mission is:

*To equip our students with key skills in literacy and numeracy within a broad, balanced and suitably differentiated National Curriculum;

* To develop positive attitudes to learning and to develop not only the knowledge but also the coping skills required to become effective learners;

* To increase each student’s confidence and self-esteem as they overcome the usual anxiety and stress that they may equate with school;

* To recognise and respect each student’s learning needs and style, challenging and supporting them in achieving their personal best, both academically and socially;

* To ensure that students leaving the school do so with appropriate qualifications and a specific destination, to include college and university;

* To support and advise parents in understanding their student’s specific educational challenges and needs.

The progress our students make is evident as they achieve levels of success previously thought unattainable. It is also evident in the happy, confident and motivated young people they become as they engage fully in the learning process.

It is my hope that the information that follows will provide you with important insights when considering whether CAEA is the school that will make the difference for your student. But to fully appreciate our school, I would invite you and your family to visit us. You will meet our staff, tour our lovely buildings and grounds, and speak with our students.

You will be most welcome.