About Centre Academy London


Centre Academy London has a mission to provide excellence in education for students with specific learning difficulties. This lies at the very heart of our school. We seek to build holistic, personalised curricula for our students by integrated therapy together with high academic expectations.

Through experience we have found that in the wrong environment academic potential can be masked. This means that students within CA London often have choices available to them that were previously discounted. We prepare our students to deal with real life challenges and provide support at each transition level, leading ultimately to college or university applications and the world beyond.

The journey starts when the student enters CA London. Each student presents with a unique profile over and above their specific learning difficulties. Our graduated approach means that our assessment, planning and review cycle help to develop strategies to nurture, guide and provide the right blend of academic opportunity suited to the learning needs and style of the individual student.

Our students’ achievements mean that they are our greatest asset. Many arrive at CA London demotivated and under confident. We, therefore, also measure our success by their enjoyment of, and success within, the environment we provide. Their participation in their learning and the progress they achieve shows how motivated and confident our students become.
CA London is unique. We look forward to welcoming you so you can see this for yourself.

Miss Rachel Maddison MA
Head of School