The Centre Academy Environment

The Centre Academy schools are committed to helping all students reach their full potential. This means providing a safe and caring environment. It means creating learning situations that are manageable.

Small classes and a significant amount of individualised instruction help our students develop their own learning strategies.

They profit from an excellent education but they also learn the coping skills by which they will be able to manage the anxieties and other challenges that their learning difficulties constantly pose.

In essence, they learn that while we cannot cure learning challenges, we can teach them how to live most successfully with these challenges.

The Centre Academy environment is thus one that is fully supportive, caring and intimate.

It provides the structure and the discipline essential for learning to flourish, while also offering the kind of flexibility that our students require.

As our children begin to see that their needs are being understood and met, that the coping skills they are mastering enable them to concentrate and to organise their time, school takes on a new meaning.

It becomes a place that is welcoming, a place where a sense of security and safety prevail, a place that will help them form friendships.

In the Centre Academy environment, no one is different. No one is anonymous.

Our students soon begin to feel that they belong—and that they are valued.