The CA Environment

One Size Does Not Fit All

Let’s begin with a truism: you want your child to be happy. But if you are the parent of a child with learning challenges, you may have found this desire frustrated by the problems within mainstream schools: classes of 20 or 30 students, teachers without appropriate special needs training, supply teachers who do not know your child, achievements measured in targets and national norms, a lack of individualised help.

And perhaps most of all, a “one size fits all” approach to learning.

The cost for your child is high: unhappiness, frustration, poor attendance, declining confidence.   Most of all, increasing anxiety. You see it working its way into every aspect of your child’s life.

Not at the Centre Academy Schools. Ours is an environment where students with learning challenges are stars, not inconveniences. Our classes are small (5-6 children), our teachers are specialists, our students receive individualised instruction. They master learning strategies. They are placed by need and level of achievement, not by year group. They are safe. They become happy. And they become happy in learning.

Our environment is supportive and caring, structured and flexible. It is a safe place where bullying is a thing of the past, a place that is welcoming. No one here is different. No one is anonymous. Our students sense that they belong, that they are valued.

In the Centre Academy environment, confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline grow and develop. We educate character as well as intellect. We emphasise those values that are fundamental to a child’s inner strength and well-being: trust, fairness, respect, civility, compassion.