Board of Governors

Governance for our two schools, Centre Academy London and Centre Academy East Anglia, brings together the heads of both schools and the principal, who also functions as the CEO. In essence, the membership of Governance provides significant expertise in education, in SEN, and in all aspects of each of the two schools. It also brings together those persons who can action proposals and changes. Finally, it provides a direct link between Governance and the Proprietors through the CEO. The CA Schools Governance has earned praise from various key bodies, including ISA, Ofsted and the ECIS.


Governance for the CA Schools provides the following: clarity of vision; understanding of the Ethos of the Schools; ability to hold school leaders to account; strategic leadership; financial health; cultural values; collaboration with stakeholders.



Dr Duncan Rollo, BA, MA, Ph.D, Cert.Ed., CReSTeD (Dyslexia) Board

 Principal and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Centre Academy Schools

Dr Rollo is a highly experienced and dedicated SEN professional and educator. He has served as  university professor, university vice president, academic dean, headmaster, teacher, director of writing,  and  Visiting Lecturer at the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts. He also spent a decade with the US Government, where he held diplomatic status. Dr Rollo is the author of three books and many articles on education. He is happy to respond to all questions and concerns from parents and other parties. Dr Rollo may be contacted through either of the Centre Academy Schools.

Mrs Kim Salthouse, BA (Hons), M Ed. SEN, Cert. Ed. Dip SPLD, PGCD

Head of School, Centre Academy East Anglia

The Head of CAEA since 2010, Mrs Salthouse has devoted her professional life to special educational needs. She has created and directed SEN programmes, served as SENCo and Senior Year Teacher, sponsored an advice centre for parents of SEN children and developed curricula and assessment methods for children facing a variety of learning challenges. Mrs Salthouse has a specialism Specific Learning Difficulties and in teaching reading. In addition to her duties as Head of School, Mrs Salthouse teaches literature and recently pioneered a new course in Great Books. She also serves as Tutor for the American High School Diploma students.

Mrs Kas Lee-Douglas, BSc (Hons),  SPLD (dyslexia Specialist)

Head of School, Centre Academy London

Mrs Lee-Douglas has over two decades of experience as an educator, with a background that includes Early Years, Primary and Further Education, Special Education in both mainstream and SEN settings, and specialties in Autism and Dyslexia. Her administrative and managerial experience embraces positions as Head of Inclusion, Specialist Leader in Education for SEN, and diagnostic leader for students with Dyslexia. Mrs Lee-Douglas has a long history of training SENCos and in preparing schools for Ofsted and other inspections. She currently also serves as a teacher of English and History.

Proprietor: The Centre Academy Schools are owned by the M&M Murphy Partnership. The Murphy Family has a long tradition of supporting initiatives in education. The Partnership’s details may be obtained through the main school offices: CAL: 0207 7382344; CAEA: 01449 736404.