Board of Governors

Governance for our two schools, Centre Academy London and Centre Academy East Anglia, brings together the heads of both schools and the proprietor.  In essence, the membership of Governance provides significant expertise in education, in SEN, and in all aspects of each of the two schools. It also brings together those persons who can action proposals and changes. Finally, it provides a direct link between Governance and the school. The CA Schools Governance has earned praise from various key bodies, including ISA, and Ofsted. Governance for the CA Schools provides the following: clarity of vision; understanding of the Ethos of the Schools; ability to hold school leaders to account; strategic leadership; financial health; cultural values; collaboration with stakeholders.


Chair of Proprietor Board 

Rohan Murphy is the Chair of our Proprietor Board. Rohan graduated from Trinity College, University of Dublin with a B.A. in Business and Economics. After this he went into finance working for a global insurance company where he gained his Chartered Financial Analyst accreditation. Rohan was a fund manager and analyst working on equities with a focus on energy.  A large amount of his time was spent working on the energy transition and investing to solve the climate emergency. Rohan has been involved with the Centre Academy Schools for many years as an interested family member however in 2022 it became a full-time role.

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Mrs Lisa Gilbert, BA Distinction, Post Grad Cert, PAPPA Lev 7, NASENCO Award Head of School, Centre Academy East Anglia

Mrs Gilbert joined CAEA as the schools SENCo and a member of the Senior Management in 2018.  Mrs Gilbert has experience as an educator in special education and mainstream settings.  She is a highly qualified professional and has a passion for special needs.  In October 2022, Mrs Gilbert became the Head of School and continues to lead CAEA forward into ensuring our students thrive and achieve.

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Mrs Kas Lee-Douglas, BSc (Hons),  SPLD (dyslexia Specialist) Head of School, Centre Academy London

Mrs Lee-Douglas has over two decades of experience as an educator, with a background that includes Early Years, Primary and Further Education, Special Education in both mainstream and SEN settings, and specialties in Autism and Dyslexia. Her administrative and managerial experience embraces positions as Head of Inclusion, Specialist Leader in Education for SEN, and diagnostic leader for students with Dyslexia. Mrs Lee-Douglas has a long history of training SENCos and in preparing schools for Ofsted and other inspections. She currently also serves as a teacher of English and History.

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Mr Michael (Mike) Nicholls MA GCGI. Governor, Centre Academy East Anglia

Mike enjoyed a full military career encompassing operational, training, staff and diplomatic postings including many overseas.  Since leaving the military, he has worked in Africa in conservation and security capacity development.  He is an associate with Othrys and UDSS, as well as working with other International Companies supporting defence development and training.  He has recently qualified as a CFR and also as a level 3 (International) Responder with UK RE:Act, a humanitarian disaster relief organisation.

Rebecca (Becky) Rolph, BSc (Hons), PGDE, Governor, Centre Academy London

After university, Becky spent the first 3 years of her career teaching at a secondary school in Cardiff while completing her Post Grad Diploma in Education through the Teach First Programme. She gained further experience teaching in secondary schools across Yorkshire while also volunteering with the local Scouts Group in the evenings. She has since moved onto a role in Management Consulting at Deloitte and has been there for the past 3 years with the majority of her work focussed on Investment Banking Operations. While at Deloitte Becky has led a collaboration with HSBC to enable Deloitte volunteers to deliver financial education to over 2000 students across the UK. 


Proprietor:  Rohan Murphy – 07793 563 281,