London: Mission Statement

Centre Academy London is a very special place. Like any school, we are proud of the achievements of our students. But perhaps our pride goes a bit deeper, for our students are engaged not only in learning but also in making a transition in the way they see themselves and, indeed, in the way they see the world.

In this regard, they profit from the pastoral care they receive. They know that no one here is anonymous; all are viewed and treated as individuals with talents and abilities, challenges and strengths.

They know that they can discuss ideas, issues or problems with their teachers individually, and they also know that the Head of School is always available. Our students also profit from CA London’s ethos, the spirit and values and ethics that are fundamental to everything we do.

Our Mission Statement sets out these values and ethics:


Centre Academy London is an independent, co-educational school committed to providing excellence in education for students facing a broad range of learning challenges. We offer a supportive and nurturing programme for all our students, ages 11 to 19, so that each may achieve his or her full academic potential.

We instil within our students an appreciation of those values we believe essential for an effective education: honesty, integrity, trust, fairness, respect, compassion and civility.

We are non-denominational and welcome students of any religious persuasion, any socio-economic background, and race and ethnicity.

We promote international understanding within our culturally diverse student population by emphasising community as well as individual responsibility.

Finally, we are committed to the belief that excellence in education can best be achieved when a partnership exists between school, student and family.