Unit Award Scheme

Unit Award Scheme

The Unit Award Scheme (junior group) went to The Runway Cafe in Martlesham Heath on Thursday 16th November.

The outing was to work towards a unit entitled ‘Visiting A Cafe With Support’. Flo, Harry and Ben had to demonstrate the ability to do a variety of tasks which included locating a vacant table with an appropriate number of seats for the group, order a chosen drink and cake, and talk politely to the cafe staff.

One of the staff on duty that morning was Adam from our Unit Award Scheme, senior group, who was waiting on tables as part of his work experience.

I was very proud of the students as they were all so polite, friendly and happy.

We all enjoyed being served by Adam who is doing extremely well with his work experience at the cafe.

WELL DONE to all the students concerned.

Mrs Shaul.

Unit Award Scheme